Contest Sign up Deadline is April 1, 2017
All contestants agree to be bound by the guidelines below

Florida Close-Up Conference & Competition
2017 Rules of Competition

Contest Categories:
Magicpalooza 2017 is a close-up convention and the contest is strictly limited to Close-up and Parlor Magic.

Close-up Magic: Acts intended to be performed for small groups of people in close proximity. The contestant can be seated or standing behind a table, mostly with some members of the audience also seated at this table, but the act can also be presented standing up without the use of a table. The items used are generally small and most effects directly involve the spectators or participants.

Parlor Magic: An act, midway between close-up and stage magic, meant to be performed for a group of people in a moderately sized room.

The final say of what constitutes close-up, parlor, and stage magic is up to the sole discretion of the competition chair (or judges,). If you have questions about where your act fits within this criteria, please contact competition chair for clarification. Some exceptions can be made if the magic is truly made to work in the close-up or parlor categories. Video of your act will be helpful to make this determination.

Qualifying to Compete

It is highly recommended that you register as soon as possible. There will be a limit of 12 Senior and 12 Junior contestants.

However, the Contest Chairperson may limit the number of contestants in any contest category based on time limitations or FCCC scheduling. All persons performing in a competition act (this includes any assistants, helpers, and sound operators) must be registered for the entire convention. An act cannot enter the competition if they are a paid performer at the same convention.

If stage magic is performed during the contest, it will be the judges discretion to deduct points from overall score. Again, if you need clarification on whether your act qualifies, contact the Competition Chair as early as possible.

The top six winners must perform their award-winning acts in the Sunday Night Banquet show. The show will begin after the banquet and contestants need not attend the banquet if they choose.

Pre-Contest Meeting

All performers must attend the pre-contest meeting. The meeting is also to review the contest rules, scoring system, placement of contestants and to answer questions.

The meeting date, time, and location will be published in the convention schedule. It is the responsibility of each contestant to obtain the meeting date, time, and location, and to be present. Persons not attending the pre-contest meeting may be disqualified.

What to Bring

Bring EVERYTHING that you need to perform your act – props, wardrobe etc.
Contestants will be provided with a table and two chairs.

Pyrotechnic Devices
Due to insurance and safety requirements, no pyrotechnic devices are allowed. This includes flash pots, smoke pots, and sparklers. Commercially manufactured fog or haze machines that have been approved by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL listed) with power consumption totaling less than 15 amps are permitted. Small amounts of standard flash paper are permitted if used in a controlled container such as a dove pan, and not propelled or “shot”. All such devices and effects must be approved by the Contest Chairperson, and such approval may be withheld for any concern about safety or potential property damage.

Confetti, Streamers, Etc.
The use of Mylar confetti is not allowed. The use of other confetti is discouraged. Performers are responsible for cleaning up all confetti or streamers that they produce, spill, or otherwise use, both on-stage and backstage.
If music is to be played for a close-up performance, the Contestant must play it on an amplified playback device, operated by the contestant (or assistant), that they bring to the performance table.
Microphones & Lighting
Microphones and lighting will be provided. However, special technical needs must be provided by the contestant AND must be addressed to the Chairman in advance of the Conference. Contest will be projected on a viewing screen.

Signup Deadline is
April 1, 2017

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Categories and Prizes

Senior – 17 and older
Junior – 12 to 17 years of age

Category Place Prize
Senior 1st $1000
2nd $500
3rd $250
Junior 1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $100

All placing winners will also receive a beautiful trophy.
Please note that there must be a minimum number of 6 (six) contestants in both categories (youth and adult) before any cash prizes are awarded. If a category has less than six, the winner will still receive both title and trophy.

Time Limits
There is a limit on the amount of time that a contestant can perform. A contestant must present a complete act (not a single trick) of at least ten (10) minutes and not more than twelve (12) minutes. Time begins when the performer speaks, music begins playing, or they otherwise begin their presentation.
In addition to the twelve minutes of performance time, each act will be given one minute of set-up time prior to performing, and one minute of clear-out time after performing. However, if your act needs more than one minute set up time, the contest Chairman will advise all possible solutions to assist.

Exceeding the performance time limit of twelve minutes will result in a scoring penalty as follows:
Loss of one (1) point from the overall score for each 15 seconds overtime or portion thereof.
Maximum of sixty (60) seconds overtime with four (4) point deduction.
Over sixty (60) seconds overtime will result in disqualification.
A contestant who presents an act that is obviously a copy of the act, or a significant or typical part of it, of another performer, will not be allowed to compete and will face possible disqualification or point deduction.


Acts are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 points in five categories as follows:
Overall Entertainment Value

Fifty (50) points is the maximum score available from an individual judge. Penalties for exceeding time limits (or any other penalties) will be deducted from each judge’s score sheet. Approximately three judges will evaluate all performers in each category.

Everything must be appropriate for family audiences (G-Rated).
The decision of the judges is final and not subject to appeal.

How to Enter the Competition
While registering for the convention, you’ll have the option to include yourself or anyone in your group in the competition. If you’ve already registered and have decided to enter, email Greg Solomon, Contest Chairman:

Again, the signup deadline is April 1st, 2017.